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Oil Drains

Oil DrainAT 17892
Oil Drain Transmission Funnel
Retail Price: $19.95
The AT 17892 is a Plastic Transmission Funnel designed for attaching to most oil drains and draining transmission fluid. Extends the catch area of your Oil Drain, perfect for working with transmissions. MORE INFO.

Oil DrainAT JM - POD - 18G
18 Gallon Oil Drain
Retail Price: $129.95
The AT JM-POD-18G is a Plastic Oil Drain designed for draining oil & fluids from vehicles & other equipment. Adjustable height, from 36" up to 72" with height locking knob. MORE INFO.

Oil DrainAT JM - ODT - 20G
20 Gallon Pressurized Oil Drain
Retail Price: $199.95
The AT JM-ODT-20G is a Pressurized Oil Drain designed for quickly & easily draining oil & fluids from vehicles & other equipment. Adjustable height, from 46" up to 76" with twist lock. MORE INFO.

Oil DrainAT - OE - 18G
18 Gallon Oil Extractor/Oil Drain
Retail Price: $349.95
The AT-OE-18G is a very handy 18 Gallon 2-in-1 Oil Extractor/Drain which removes oil by draining it through a funnel from overhead, or extracting it through a vacuum pump using a suction hose or three flexible plastic/copper probe adapters. The flexible probe adapters make removing the oil from small openings such as the dipstick an easy task, while the long hose and nozzle allow for even quicker extraction. Disposing of the waste oil could not be easier be attaching an air supply to the pressurized tank. MORE INFO.

20 Gallon Low Profile Oil Drain
Retail Price: $149.95
Drain oil and other vehicle fluids like antifreeze from trucks, buses, and RVs with ease with AT TCTDNP! Sitting just 8” from the ground, this low profile plastic oil drain rolls easy with swivel casters and a long “T” handle. A removable steel mesh screen protects tools or anything else from falling into the reservoir which is designed with baffles to prevent spilling and splashing. MORE INFO.