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SL 92

AT SL 92

Slide On Truck Adaptors
Retail Price: $224.95









Product Overview

The AT SL92 slide-on truck adapters are designed to work with our AT CL and AT CJ two post lifts.

These slide on adapters are designed to be easy and fast to to use with these lifts.

When using two post lifts, it is important that each of the 4 lifting pads makes solid contact with the vehicle frame. These height extensions allow lift operators to make firm contact when lifting trucks, which tend to have higher lifting points that make these adapters necessary.


Works With:

AT CL 10,000 BP

AT CL 10,000 OHA

AT CJ 10,000 BP

AT CJ 10,000 OHA

Shipping Information

Shipping Summary:

For shipping information about this product, please contact us at 1-800-340-9429.