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Large Wheel Clamping Adapters
Retail Price: $249.95








Product Overview

The AT TC-LRCA are a set of Tire Changer Clamping Adapters made to allow our AT TC Tire Changers to work with large rims & tires.

These adapters are perfect for large decorative chrome rims, they allow our Tire Changers to externally clamp down on these rims and prevent damage.

These adapters increase the external clamping range of our Tire Changers, allowing them to clamp onto motorcycle rims. These clamping adapters also raise the clamping jaws higher off of the table, allowing operators to work with motorcycle rims that have sprockets or hubs attached.

NOTE: Use of these adapters raises the wheels too far from the table for the JET Blast compressed air system to be effective.



Large Rim


Clamping Range:

Inner: 17½" ~ 27½"

Outer: 16½" ~ 26½"


Clamping Range:

Inner: 18½" ~ 29½"

Outer: 17½" ~ 28½"


Clamping Range:

Inner: 18 ~ 29½"

Outer: 16½" ~ 28"


Clamping Range:

Inner: 18 ~ 29½"

Outer: 16½" ~ 28"


Clamping Range:

Inner: 16½" ~ 33½"

Outer: 15½ ~ 32½"

Please Note: Decorative rims often have a large lip designed to overlap the tire. For example: a 24" rim may actually have an outer diameter of 25", with a ½" overlap.

Shipping Information

Shipping Summary:

For shipping information about this product, please contact us at 1-800-340-9429.